Christian colleges are found in every part of the world. Even if it is not a Christian country they will still be having many Christian colleges for the minority people there. They are very common in America. The schools belong to different sects of Christianity that is Catholic, Protestant or some Orthodox faith. The schools may be different from one another in that they offer different courses or disciplines. But they all have one thing in common, that is they all strictly follow their Christianity rules and doctrines. They will make all the effort they can uphold their fundamental principles. So if in particular you are a Christian, then opting to go to a Christian college will be a good decision for you.
One of the known Christian institutes in America includes the Georgetown University. It is a Roman Catholic college. In the same way some other well known universities that are catholic include Gonzaga University and Fordham University.

High Fees of Christian Colleges
Just like private colleges which are expensive to attend, the Christian colleges have high fees too. This is because these colleges mostly do not receive any funds or money from the Government and therefore they run entirely on the fees that the students or their parents pay. The lack of funds and support from the government is due the separation of American state and the church.

Courses Offered at Christian colleges
The courses offered are the ones similar to any other college or university such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English literature etc. however they also offer special courses that are part of their religion. These courses include specialization in the Old Testament, New Testament, divinity etc.
So this was little information about Christian colleges of America. I hope you would have found the article interesting.